Pleasure Pier Field Trip

Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Hubenak Elementary Choirs will be performing at Galveston's Pleasure Pier on Saturday, April 18th as part of their "Performance on the Pier" program. The choirs will be joined by the Huggins Elementary choir and the Adolphus Elementary choir for small concert showcase. Both Hubenak choirs will perform several songs for family, friends and our neighboring schools.

After the performance, students will have lunch, ride rides, and play for the afternoon. What a great way to end a wonderful concert season!

Families are invited to join us and enjoy our 24% off group discount on all-day wrist bands.

Please read the following information carefully and then let us know if your child will be attending and/or order tickets using the link at the bottom of this email. Even those NOT attending must register with the link below and select "not attending".

Trip Facts

Date: Saturday, April 18, 2015

Time: 8:45am – 6:00pm, performance at 11:30am

Place: Pleasure Pier, Galveston, TX

Cost: $35 per student, various options for family and chaperones*

Cost Includes:

· Transportation to and from Galveston (students and chaperones only)

· Lunch – combo lunch of your choice at 2 different restaurants

· All-Ride Wristband

Extra costs: (optional) – purchased at the park

· Spending money for games & souvenirs

· Spending money for snacks

*additional ticket options are available – see online ticket order form

Chaperones: We will need 15-20 chaperones for this trip. As usual, chaperones must be able to be solely responsible for choir students. If you sign up to chaperone, you will escort a small group of students around to rides and events. Chaperone groups will be formed based on student preferences, but Mrs. Ramsey will make final decisions based on the needs of the whole group.

The Schedule

8:45am - Meet at Hubenak – check in with chaperones

9:00am - Load bus and leave Hubenak

10:45am - Arrive at front gate of Pleasure Pier – distribute tickets

11:00am - Enter park, set up for concerts (stage is located at the back of the park)

11:30am-12:30pm - Choir performances (Hubenak, Adolphus & Huggins)

12:30pm - Early Check Out (indicate on form)

12:30-3:45pm - Have fun with chaperone group!

3:45pm - Meet at front gate to load bus – Late check out!

4:00pm - Depart for Hubenak

6:00pm - Arrive back at Hubenak

Explanation of Tickets

First of all, you must know that everyone walking in the gate must have a ticket. There are two kinds of tickets - all-ride pass wrist bands and walk-on only. You cannot get on the pier for free.

Students must choose one of the following:

- Student Package A - includes all-ride wrist band and a meal

- Student Package B - includes only the walk-on pass (no rides, no meal) - the only case you might want this is if your family will check out the student early and has plans to leave the pier after the concert.

Chaperones must choose one of the following:

- Chaperone Package A - includes all-ride wrist band and meal

- Chaperone Package B - includes walk-on pass and wrist band (for chaperones who have no interest in riding rides, but are still willing to supervise students)

Additional Tickets available to family members:

- all-ride wrist bands (please indicate height - for the purpose of riding rides)

- walk-on wrist bands (please indicate height - for difference in price)

- additional lunch combos

Families are welcome to come and pay for your own tickets at the gate. We just wanted to extend our discount to you. However, if you buy with the group, you must be present at the gate when the choir arrives to receive you tickets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this trip required?

No. This concert and trip is provided as a fun way to end the concert season. It is also intended for families to enjoy together, if desired. Because it is the last event of the year, there are no consequences for not going. (But we'll miss you!)

What if I don’t like to ride amusement rides?

This is something to consider. There are plenty of rides at many speeds. Most students will find something that they enjoy doing. If you would like to check out the rides ahead of time, click here.

Do I need to bring a lunch?

No. Outside food and drink are not permitted in the park. The student package A includes a meal.

Can my parents take me if I don’t want to ride on the bus?

Hubenak choir members must ride the school-provided transportation to a school-sponsored event. If you would like to ride home with your parents, please indicate so on your registration form.

Can my family ride the bus?

The bus seats are reserved for students, teachers and chaperones only.

Who can be a chaperone?

Any guardian who is willing to be responsible for a small group of students during the day. Chaperones may not be responsible for any other children, other than those in choir.

Can I check out to my parents then check back in to a chaperone group at the end of the day to ride home on the bus?

NO! Once a student is checked out, he/she is checked out for good. However, your family may walk around with a group. Chaperones are not allowed to watch students who have already checked out.

Can I check out to a friend’s parents?

NO! Students will not be released to any adult other than a legal guardian.

What do we wear to the park?

You will wear your choir t-shirt with jean shorts and tennis shoes. Please liberally apply sunblock before you dress!!!

How much money will my child need in the park?

Your child will not NEED any extra money. However, you may want to send money for snacks, souvenirs, or to play arcade games as well. Remember, lunch is provided and students should be home by dinner time.

What happens if we change our mind and can’t go to Pleasure Pier after all?

Unfortunately, the ride wristband and lunch are date specific, so money cannot be refunded. Your only other option would be to try and sell the package to another Hubenak parent who did not pre-order tickets.

Do we have to listen to the other choirs sing?

Yes! All 3 choirs are staying to listen to each other's short performances. It's a great opportunity to see the wonderful things happening in our school district and community. Early check-out students will be allowed to check out to parents AFTER all of the performances are finished.

What happens if I have too many unexcused absences or tardies after I have already paid for the trip? (this applies to 5th grade choir only)

You will not be allowed to go on the trip and money will not be returned. Mrs. Ramsey will be very sad about this!! See above question about reimbursements. BE CAREFUL with your absences and tardies!! Please review the registration guidelines from the Hubenak Choir website for the strict policy regarding excused and unexcused absences.

What happens if my grades fall on my next report card?

Please remember that Hubenak club participation requires that students maintain a 75 or above in all academic classes and S or above in conduct and specials. Once payment is received, money cannot be reimbursed in the even that you are no longer eligible to participate in choir.

What happens if I miss the April 16th evening performance at school?

All performances are required in order to go on the field trips. Students must be present for the evening performance at school in order to go to Galveston.

What happens if it rains?

Please pray that we have good weather!! Rain or shine – we are going! The stage is covered and we will make further decisions about student safety and participation after the performance.

Can I change my check-out plans at the last minute?

Check out plans may be changed up until Tuesday, April 14th. Students may not change their plans the morning of the trip or at the park. Chaperones should not be put in this position.

When will we get the tickets?

All tickets, students, chaperones and family, will be passed out at the gate at 11:00am. Families who are riding in their own car must be present at this time to pick up your tickets.

What can I take on the bus?

Students are encouraged to bring only what they can carry in their pockets or plan on leaving on the bus. Students will not be able to go back and forth from the park to the bus. Valuables will be left on the bus and are not the responsibility of the school or the school district. The trip is only about 1 1/2 hours and you will not want to carry a lot as you go on and off rides, so please take that into consideration before you pack.