A. V. Cato Library Media Center

January Newsletter

E-books and Audiobooks

This month, I am going to highlight all of the electronic resources that we have available through the library! Our library webpage has been updated to provide easy access to these sites. On the library website. look for Audiobooks and E-books on the left navigation.

We have many different types of e-books, interactive e-books and audio books available for both teacher and student use.

There are many ways in which these books can be used in your classroom:

1. Allow students to access them during Silent Reading time.

2. Project an e-book onto your Smart Board to introduce a concept.

3. Use nonfiction e-bools for research.

4. Use the interactive e-books for a writing lesson.

This newsletter will highlight all of the electronic resources that we have available through the library. Please see Mrs. Scott if you have any questions or need help implementing the e-books in your classroom.

Gareth Stevens Interactive E-books

These e-books are brand new!! All of the books in this collection have the "read aloud" feature so that the student can listen to the book.

The following collections also have an interactive writing piece included:

- Electrified

- Space Mysteries

- What You Didn't Know About History

To access these books, go the the following URL:


UN: avcato

PW: golions

Things you need to know:

1. Multiple students can access the books at the same time.

2. The books will not work on iPads but will work on the netbooks or in the computer labs.

3. Students can print their writing assignments when they are finished.

Mackin VIA

Mackin VIA e-books can be accessed by going to the following site:


UN: avcato

PW: golions

Capstone Interactive Books

We have a few Capstone Interactive Books that can be accessed through the following link:


These books are all unlimited user access.

Follett Shelf e-books and Catalist Audiobooks

Here is the link for Follett Shelf


We have recently added many new titles to Follett Shelf. There are quite a few books with multiple copies as well as some unlimited usage books.

For students to access this resource, they need to use their ID# as both Username and Password when they log in. Teacher accounts have to be created by Mrs. Scott. Please see her if you need an account.

Once you are logged in to Follett Shelf, you can access Catalist Audiobooks by clicking on Digital Resources Links.

Six Flags Read to Succeed

Click here to register for Read to Succeed. Students who read at least 6 hours and record it on their Six Flags Reading Log will get a free ticket to Six Flags to use during the summer. Please let me know if you need any help getting signed up.

A few things to note:

1. The deadline to complete entering your students who complete the reading log is March 3rd.

2. We no longer have to mail the actual reading logs in to Six Flags but they did stress that you need to keep them "just in case."

3. I do not need a copy of your students that participated. I have access to the system and can see that when I log in.

Once the tickets get here, I will pass them on to the teachers to then pass out to students.

How can I help you?

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you! Here are a few things that I can do for you. :)

1. Pull together some books or web resources for a topic.

2. Co-teach a lesson with you that integrates research or technology.

3. Create a list of e-books we have related to a certain topic.

4. Assist you with finding a great app for a project.

Remember, a big part of my job is to support learning and instruction on our campus.