A Great Place


Florida weather is usually sunny with a little bit of clouds. Also it is near the 70 and the 80.
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It all started with the arrival of the Europeans. Many people went to Florida at this time. People such as the French, Spanish, and Native Americans settled here. In the 18th and 19th century Florida was ruled by Spain and Great Britain, before becoming ruled by the United States in 1822
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There are 98 mammal species in the state of Florida. Also in Florida there are about 118 species of reptiles.
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Sports teams

- Florida Bobcats

- Florida Marlins

- Florida Panthers

- Jacksonville Jaguars

- Miami Dolphins

- Miami Fusion

- Miami Heat

- Miami Sol

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- University of Miami

- University of Florida

- Florida State University

- University of South Florida

- Jacksonville University

- University of Central Florida

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Florida Gator Gymnastics - War of Inches