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Tuesday, March 17th

From the Principal

This morning FCS schools announced that we will plan to resume a normal operating schedule on Monday, April 13th. With all the uncertainty that exists in this unusual time, we would like to provide RMS families with resources and ideas for focusing on staying healthy both physically and emotionally.

With closures taking place, many of our children will not be experiencing some traditions that we have upheld in the past. I encourage you to allow them to express their disappointment, but also think about ways that celebrations can still take place whether those be delayed, on a smaller scale, or something completely new and original.

Thank you for the patience you and your children have shown in working on our ItsLearning platform. We realize that difficulties accessing the platform bring more stress to an already stressful situation. We plan to be as flexible as possible in the coming days and weeks ahead. This is a journey we are all taking together. One bright note here is that Milestones testing has been suspended. This will allow extra instructional time in April.

We also realize that everyone is managing their own work responsibilities while trying to oversee children as they learn. We appreciate all you are doing and all the kind words of support you are sending to teachers.

Working together we can overcome these challenges.

Calmness Over Chaos - A Note from Your Counselors

As we begin this new adventure, we will be sharing resources to help us navigate the unchartered waters. We will continue to support our students and families for any social and emotional needs. We are easily available through email. We will frequently post in the RMS Student Information Group in itsLearning and through the school newsletter.

Lisa Schroeder: A-L

Christy Gabbert: I-Q

Lisa Lemieux: R-Z

Today’s focus is on Mindfulness. Click here for 9 great Mindfulness exercises.

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Panthers Have PRIDE - Helpful Student Expectations for Online Learning

As we continue learning remotely, we'd like to share some key expectations that students can follow to ensure they are successful. We hope you will find the link below helpful as you work with your child as an online learner. Here at RMS, our students are familiar with our PRIDE acronym which provides guidelines for expectations in classrooms, the cafeteria and hallways.

Using this link, we hope you will be able to use our PRIDE acronym to help students understand actions they can take to successfully work online. Click here for the our list of expected learning behaviors that will help your child have a positive experience digitally.

Panther Athletics

Upcoming Dates

All events have been cancelled through April 3rd. When we have updated information, we will post it here.

2020-2021 Football Program Update

Please click HERE for more information from our Athletic Director and football coach.

Nominate Teacher of the Month

Nominations are open for March Teacher of the Month! CLICK HERE to nominate a teacher. Nominations will close March 20th. Please encourage your child to also nominate a teacher.

Staying Connected to Riverwatch!

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