By Hassan Hassan Hour 7


Media Influences.

Movies make Meth and other substances look cool like in Scary Movie. This one guy kept doing drugs with his friends and acted cool. Makes people think doing drugs is really fun and cool. Some cartoon shows like Family Guy make meth look really cool and funny. When Peter does meth he gets super red eyes and says "I am so f*cking ready." He then jumps through the ceiling. Now if I wasn't very well educated, I would think meth is cool and fun. I might try it out and ruin my life, sell my body for meth, look like trash, and end up homeless.


If someone is doing meth, they can talk to their parents or guardian(s)(if their still alive of course), or their friends(if they have any). When they go to talk to their parents, they could tell them they have trouble with meth, who influenced them, also as to what they should do. Depending on your parents, different things will happen. They could yell at you at the top of their lungs, they could be worried sick and try to get help for you, or they just won't care. When talking to your friend, what you would say is that you need help with your addiction to meth. Also ask them if they can come with you to talk to the counseler(if your in high school or middle school), some more of your friends, or a doctor. You will talk to your friend about how you got addicted, why your addicted, and what you should do to get off of meth.

Immediate and Long Term Risk Factors Of Meth.

Well im going to say this right now, Meth has no positive effects to you. Unless, however, you think having bad teeth, a terrible looking face, and hallucinations, then it's positive. An immediate reaction is having a very irregular heartbeat. If it goes ba-bump, it might go ba-ba-bump. Another immediate effect is having hallucinations. Example, I might hallucinate a man chasing me with a knife that looks like a carebear. Meth can also give you, "Meth Mouth". Meth Mouth looks like you have yellow teeth thats turning black. Your teeth deterioate and you see some weird black stuff. Meth can also make you do things like steal, sell your body for meth, and even kill for meth.


With Meth being such a drug, alot of advances to passing bills and meth abuse treatment happen. In Nebraska, Meth bills have advanced even more to being passed.