Book Fiesta!

Presentation by Brittany Abell EDEL 411 Section D

About the Book

Author: Pat Mora
Illustrator: Rafael Lopez
Topic/Theme: Celebrating Children's Day/Book Day


  • 2010 Pura Belpre Illustrator Award Winner

About the Author

Pat Mora was born in El Paso, Texas. She grew up in a bilingual home, where books were a huge part of her life. Many of her book ideas came from when she grew up. She writes children's books, as well as poetry and non-fiction for adults. Family, Mexican-American culture, and the desert are all big themes in all of her books. Pat Mora has been a teacher, university administrator and a consultant. She has won many awards and loves to encourage others to do what she has done- view their cultures and homes to write and be creative.

About the Illustrator

Rafael Lopez was born in Mexico City, Mexico on August 8, 1961. He is internationally known as an illustrator and an artist. He worked on large murals and did social design projects, until he pursued his lifelong passion of books and eventually started illustrating children's books. He has done many things besides children's books recently. Two of those are that he illustrated seven stamps for the United States Postal Service and the Library of Congress chose him to create the National Book Festival Poster and speak again in 2013.

Criteria for Notable Multicultural Literature

1. This book has an appealing format and is of endearing quality.
The book has beautiful illustrations with bright pictures that just pull you in, making it hard to look away. The colors in the pictures are extremely vibrant, and are just fun to look at. The way they are set up with the text is well done; it is all working together very nicely. The text also stands out and is easy to find while reading. The text is right next to every picture that it goes with, making it easy to see what it is talking about and quick to read. Also, the children on all of the pages are smiling and having a great time reading, showing the children that we should all love books and celebrate them every day!

2. This book has illustrations that reflect accurate cultural setting.
Throughout the book, the illustrations show children from all different cultures, and it shows them with little parts of their culture also. One part that really stuck out to me was the ending of the book when the children are all reading in their beds at home. The picture shows all of the homes in a row and the tops of the houses coming off as all of the children fly together up in the sky reading books. During this, I noticed all of the homes are all from different cultures and they all came together out of them, so that was really neat. Throughout the book it also shows different cultures and places all over the world that the children are all going through together and reading.

3.This book has illustrations that compliment and enhance the imagery of the story.

I talked about this a little bit in the first paragraph, but I really just loved the pictures in this book and thought they really brought the text to life. Without these illustrations, the book would not be as great as it was. I was very impressed with how well it pulled the story together and really told a story itself with the different parts it involved. It really gives something to look at and enhances the imagery of the story immensely.

Book Fiesta! Activity Idea

Grade Level 1

RL.1.2- Retell stories, including key details, and demonstrate understanding of their central message or lesson.

Objective :
The students will be able to retell Book Fiesta! in their own words using key details from the story.

The teacher will have the students write their versions of the story using key details from it, and retell it in their own words- telling what they got out of it basically. The students will also draw an illustration that goes with their story and then the teacher will pair up the students. The students will read their version of the story to their partner and then they will switch and the other student will read their story to the other.


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