How We Use Water

Rasising awarness of water conservation

Different Ways We Use Water

We use 26.7% of our water flushing the tolet, 15.7% on water faucets, 13.7% from leaks, 16.8% on showering, 21.7% from washing clothes, and 5.3% on other activities. Just brushing your teeth takes 2 gallons and it takes 25 to 50 gallons to take a shower. On average California uses 20,000 to 46,000 of water per day, 50% of that water is used eviormentaly, 40% on agriculture, and 10% for urban use.

Ways To Conserve Water

1.) Only wash full loads of dishes

2.) when waitng for hot water, collect the other water and use it to water the plants

3.) check for leaks

4.) don't leave water running when done with washing hands

5.) don't run the hose while washing your car

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This shows to only wash full loads of dishes
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This shows a lady collecting the cold water from the shower, waiting for hot water, and watering the plants with the cold water she collected from the shower.
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This picture shows that a man that found a leak and trying to fix it because if he didn't he would lose water that leaked.
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This shows a sink running while someone is drying their hands, don't do that, do the oppisite by turning it off first. This can help by not letting more water getting wasted by letting the sink run.
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This shows a person washing the car forgetting to turn the hose off thats how we waste some of our water

Water Distrubution

Usable water comes from ground water and surface water. Ground water comes from rain that goes in the ground. Surface water comes from rain that stays on the ground. 96.5 is how much salt water is on Earth and 2.5% is freshwater.
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By: Raegan M. Kevin L. & Colin C.