Parent Volunteers Needed

Can you help?

We invite you!

Your child and I would like to invite you into our classroom to volunteer your time and talents! We would love to have you and will value any time you are able to give. We have many different things to do, so any and all talents are welcome. As a school, we wish to give each student the opportunity to succeed academically and socially. Your time and talents can help us achieve these goals. As a parent your involvement and behavior helps encourage students towards those goals. Respect and volunteered time show the students that parents also have the same goals.

When parents get connected in the classroom, children succeed. Research shows that children whose parents are involved get better grades, perform better on tests, and have fewer behavioral problems at school. Please maintain mutual respect for the students and the classroom. We ask that you observe our classroom rules while with us.

Parent volunteers must sign in at the front administration office with a valid picture id. Please let me know before hand that you will be coming and I will tell the office to be expecting you.

Parent may contact me to discuss activities, times, and dates at

Why should you get involved?

Your child benefits, There's a lot to be done,

You make a difference, You are welcome,

We have fun, Rewarding work that fits your skills,

Spending quality time with you child, Finding a time that fits your schedule