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All About Egypt

Culture around the world can be very different.The many cultures reflect a variety of geography,languages,conflict,government and religions.Languages greatly shapes the culture of a religion.

The Middle East is influenced throughout history by its languages.In the aincent time the languages diffrantly from modern time.Like the languages of the hebrew because it influencd other pepole in the ancient times.For example the hebrew languges influencd the aincent times by teaching them diffrent languages and how to read and write.

In the modern time the middle east shows a unique culture influenced by its languages.Languages is very unique to the culture because you can speak to many different people in the united states.Another example is when in restaurants people talk in conversation in a different language like spanish or english

Languages is constantly shaping the culture of the middle east.culture depends in language,geography,religion,conflict and government.Globally there are great differences in the culture.LIke many people speek diffrent languages in the wrold.For example many people speek diffrent languages in the united state.