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April 24, 2015

Quote of the Week

“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.”

~Jerry Rice

The Good Stuff!

Junior M-STEP Testing - DONE!

Thank you for rolling with the adjusted schedules the last two weeks! There will be some juniors that need to make-up a missed assessment but the vast majority are DONE!

The state has reported that over a MILLION test sessions (specific subject tests) have been completed! M-STEP testing will continue through the month of May with 4th and 7th graders beginning next week and 3rd and 6th graders beginning the middle of May.

All things considered, the transition to this new State standardized assessment has be positive with minimal technology issues (for those schools that are completing it via online). I attended a county principal's meeting last week and many of the districts reported significant technology problems during their initial testing session. They concluded most of it was due to errors made on their school's end, not the State's. We did not experience any major issues because of the incredible preparation efforts from our OpTech department! They ROCK and continue to amaze me!!!!

We are learning a great deal regarding technology set-ups (wireless infrastructure and positioning, server capabilities, device constraints, etc.) that will only help us in our planning as we transition to more instructional technology in the coming years.

All schools did report significantly more reading in all subject tests and the questions are more in depth and rigorous. We can assume that the future of this assessment (at least for the next 3 years) will be consistent with this type of content. We are also awaiting the format of the newly updated SAT that our Juniors will begin taking next year.

Stay tuned!

Parent Teacher Conferences

Thank you for your dialogue with parents that attended Conferences this week! Even though it was expectedly low, I'm hopeful you were able to speak with at least one parent of a student that is on the "bubble" of failing. Any work put in now with these students will go a long way in June.

Staff Appreciation Luncheon

Major KUDOS to many Freshman parents for their efforts in organizing and supplying food and beverages for the staff appreciation luncheon on Wednesday! We are fortunate to work in a school and district where parents want to help and volunteer to be involved!!! I would like to do something to recognize their efforts. Any ideas?

Renaissance Recognition Assembly

How AWESOME was that!!!! This is a great example of trying something new and "hitting a home run!" Major KUDOS to Amira, Angela, Diane, Jody, Phoebe, Sherry, Jason and Mike for their efforts and organization of this assembly! Also, a huge THANK YOU to all the students that enthusiastically wanted to be involved! It was a wonderful way to begin the school day, take advantage of the adjusted schedule and to recognize many students.

I look forward to similar assemblies for many years to come!

New Family Registration Meeting

We held a very successful registration meeting this past Tuesday for new families to Rockford Public Schools. We discussed with them the culture of our building, the incredible opportunities for core and elective classes their students are eligible to take and the registration process in general. There was a lot of positive feedback about attending the Freshman Center next school year! Thanks to Deb, Jody, Ben and Mike for their parts in this presentation.

A special SHOUT OUT to Jody!! It really is amazing the planning and organization that is required when registering students to the RFC. There are many required documents that we utilize and/or store for future reference and Jody has it down pat and makes the entire process very manageable and less overwhelming for families. Great job Jody!!!

Next Week Events

April 27 - Board of Education Meeting - 7:30pm at Administration

April 30 - 9th Grade Academic Award Ceremony - 9:00am in the 10-12 Building Auditorium

May 1 - Friday Breakfast - Science Department

Upcoming Events

May 4 - PAC Meeting - 9:00am in RFC LGI

May 5 - BIT Meeting - 2:40pm in Conference Room A

May 6 - Fire Drill - 9:00am

May 6 - Staff Meeting - 2:40pm in Room 103

May 6 - Technology Pilot Presentation - 3:15pm in RFC Cafeteria

May 8 - Friday Breakfast - World Studies Department

May 8 - Staff Appreciation Grill Out - Lunchtime

May 11 - RFC Hosts Board of Education Meeting - 7:30pm at Administration

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