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Library Update

SAMR Lessons for all classes. Not just reading.

Many classes received a lesson this last week that applies towards their SAMR goals. I am uploading a video for the demonstration of Pic Collage Kids, this was the app that we used to explain our vocabulary with pictures. The kids loved it and they did a great job! Using this to create examples of vocabulary words that you can share in class helps to meet the modification level. If you share with another class and discuss that would help you meet your redefinition level. This is simple to do by saving your image to the camera roll. Uploading to Chatterpix Kids, and narrating your thoughts. Hearing and seeing your vocabulary words from other peoples point of view helps with understanding.

This app can be used in may other ways as well but this makes vocabulary fun. This can be used in all classes. In the past, I have used it for math, science, social studies, even health.

Pic Collage Movie

Dates to Know

Upcoming Events

There are many important events coming up. Please look at the list before for some updates.

  • March 3rd. Read-A-Thon. See details below.
  • March 4th. Librarian out of the building.
  • March 7th - 11th. SPRING BREAK!!!!
  • March 21st 12:15-4:00. Librarian out for meeting.
  • March 31st - April 1st. Library closed for set up of book fair.
  • April 1st - Book Fair Preview. NO that is not an April Fools.
  • April 2nd - Book fair open during Saturday school for parent purchases.
  • April 4th - 8th. Library closed for book fair.
  • April 5th. 70's Dress Up Day.

Dr. Seuss Read-A-Thon

It appears that the volunteers may be plentiful this Read-A-Thon. I do not have the exact numbers yet but I am guessing there will be more volunteers this time than last time. Thank you for accepting these volunteers into your room, they were so excited to get to be here last time. This go around will be Dr. Seuss themed for his birthday. When the time gets closer I will share a schedule. Some people may have more than one volunteer because of the number that sign up. If you are up for having additional please fill out the form below.
Teacher Sign Up for extra Read-A-Thon readers

Please add your name to the list if you don't mind having an extra reader on our Read-A-Thon day.

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New Books

A huge amount of books that I have ordered have finally come in. If you noticed me jumping around in my office this is why. Sometimes, I get overly excited. I really focused on adding readers to our collection that our struggling readers would enjoy, such as Lego, superheros, Star Wars, Girl Lego books, My Little Pony and many more. I created a list on the library website book river. I am inserting a link below. Click on Readers. This will put books for beginning readers that need some more high frequency word practice. This includes old books and new books in the library. See picture Below, Readers is in Read font.

I have also added a bunch of high interest chapter books, graphic novels, and picture books. I have slowly been letting some of the students that I catch behaving awesomely check out a new book from the cart. They have all been very excited!

Big image

Just a few new books.

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