Communism is Boss

By: Seth CHilano

Advantages of Communism

The theoretical advantages of communism are built around equality and strong social communities.Communist ideology advocates universal education with a focus on developing the proletriat with knowledge, class consciousness, and historical understanding.Communism supports the emancipation of women and the ending of their exploitation.Communist ideology emphasizes the development of a "New Man" a classconscious, knowledgeable, heroic, proletarian person devoted to work and social cohesion, as opposed to the antithentic "bourgeois individualist" associated with cultural backwardness and social atomisation.

Who Created Communism

Karl Marx, is a philosopher and economist famous for his ideas about capitalism and communism. Born in Prussia in 1818, Marx, in conjunction with Friedrich Engels, published "The Communist Manifesto" in 1848, which explains history as a class struggle between workers and owners of capital and sees a classless, communist society as an inevitable result of this struggle. Later in his life he wrote "Das Kapital," which discussed the labor theory of value.

Why is Communism the Best

In theory, Communism seems to have some very desirable characteristics. In practice, however, it has many drawbacks, and historically it seems that only the most corrupt members of Communist governments have gained advancement within systems. When a system depends on an entire community but is controlled by a few corrupt bureaucrats, it cannot be successful.

Where is Communism Today?

  • China - Mao Zedong took control over China in 1949 and proclaimed China as the People's Republic of China, a communist country. China has remained consistently communist since 1949 although economic reforms have been in place for several years. China has been called "Red China" due to the communist party's control over the
  • Cuba - A revolution in 1959 led to the taking over of the Cuban government by Fidel Castro. By 1961, Cuba became a fully communist country and developed close ties to the Soviet Union.