Digital Footprints and Citizenship

Learn how to be safe and smart online :)

Digital Footprint

What is a digital footprint? A digital footprint is basically a "trail" made up of bits of pieces of information on one's computer and on other computers and servers around the world. A positive footprint is what you want. To leave a good footprint, you have to be safe and smart online. That means watching what you share and post online and what you say to other people. What you don't want is a negative footprint. A bad footprint is when people cyber bully other people, swear on the internet, and post inappropriate pictures online.

Hackers, Worms, Viruses

Hackers are people who break into your computer system without permission or authorization. They can steal and/or delete information on your computer, take personal info such as someones phone number, or home address.
Worms are programs on your computer that can cause your computer to either crash, cause damage, or slow your computer down.
Viruses can seriously damage your computer by erasing files, videos or messages, drain memory, etc.

Grandma Rule, Passwords, & Citizenship

the digital world is fun when you are safe!

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