Mexican Flan

Una receta en Español

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Los Ingredientes

  • Cuatro de los huevos grandes.
  • 1/2 taza de azúcar.
  • 14 onzas leche condensada.
  • 1 1/4 taza de leche.

Los Pasos

Parte 1
  • Vierta la leche y la leche condensada en la licuadora.
  • Rompa los huevos y añada a la licuadora.
  • Comience la licuadora.

Parte 2

  • Llene un pan con el azúcar.
  • Estableza la estufa a baja.

Parte 3

  • Use una espátula mezclar el azúcar.
  • Continúa mezclar hasta que el azúcar es café.

Parte 4

  • Combine la mezcla con el azúcar en un pan nueve.
  • Ponga el pan en el horno.

Parte 5

  • Hornee el pan por 1 hora y 15 minutos.
  • Retire el pan. `
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La historia (en inglés)

Flan is a Latin American dish that resembles pudding. It is primarily from Mexico, but can be seen all throughout the world in many different forms. It is a sweet concoction of caramel, eggs, custard, etc.., and is very popular around the globe.

Flan dates back to the Roman Empire, where cooks tried to find different recipes for chicken eggs. This ended with the production of the custard flan that we see today, and has been eaten by both the rich and poor.

Flan eventually made it to the new world and was spread throughout the Spanish and Portuguese colonies. It was originally made to be filling- not so much sweet and sugary. However, once in the Americas, it was interpreted as a dessert and was made sweet.

Flan, in the end, has a very interesting history, and is over a millennium old. It was been, ever since, a marker of our past and history, travelling along the Columbian Exchange, and throughout the imperialist colonies of America.



  • La Licuadora - Blender
  • El Horno - Oven
  • El Azúcar - Sugar
  • La Estufa - Stove
  • Los Huevos - Eggs
  • La Leche - Milk


  • Horneer - To Bake
  • Verter - To Pour
  • Añadir - To Add
  • Romper - To Break
  • Comenzar - To Start
  • Llenar - To Fill
  • Establecer - To Set (the stove/oven)
  • Mezclar - To Stir
  • Usar - To Use
  • Combinar - To Combine
  • Continuar - To Continue
  • Retirar - To Remove
  • Poner - To Put (place)