M.C. Escher The Great

Alex Wong

M.C. Escher

M.C. Escher was one of the worlds most famous graphic artists. He was most know for so called impossible art work, like transformation prints. Although it seems he is an artist who cannot stop making things, he actually illustrates books too. Originally M.C. Escher was going to study architecture, but then he said to his father that he'd rather study graphic art. M.C. Escher (after school) got married to a person named Jetta Umiker, who then moved to Rome with M.C. Escher. Eventually M.C Escher died in 1972 because of health problems.



A transformation consists of 3 different ways to transform something. The 3 are translation, rotation, and reflection. Translation is where u slide the figure over a certain amount of space or units. Rotation is where you rotate a figure around the origin a certain amount of degrees. Reflection is where you reflect an object along the x-axis or y-axis.