heart of a champion

carl deuker

Jimmy Winter and Seth Burham are the best of friends. When Seths father dies he moves in to a new house in Red Wood City in San Francisco. One day after the tradegy Seth found himself heading to Henry Ford, a local park to use the swings. He first met Jimmy there while he was playing baseball with his father and the ball rolled over to Seth after Jimmy missed a throw, Seth threw the ball back to Jimmy and Jimmy asked if he wanted to play, and that’s what he did.

After that he went to Henry Ford every day and met up with Jimmy and his father, and they became bestfriends. This is also how Seth found a love for baseball, before he met Jimmy he would have never played in a baseball league. Jimmy and Seth soon got on to the same level of skill and were able to play on the same ball team.

When they hit high school things start to change. Jimmy made the varsity team as a sophomore and Seth only made the juniors. As time gos by alcohol gets involved and when varsity needs Jimmy the most, for a championship game, Jimmy gets caught for drinking by coach Sharront and is benched. Seth quickly learned his lesson but not Jimmy.

A year went by and Seth and Jimmy both made the varsity team, but Jimmy continueing to drink. Then he started skipping class and he was suspended from the team once again. Seth and Jimmy won the game that would put them in first place for the rest of the season but still with two more games left to play until the state finals. Jimmy went out drinking once again, but when he was driving home that night he didn’t make it back alive. Jimmy had died drinking and driving, coming home from a celebration party that Seth did not attend because of what happened in the past.

I dont like this book. Its not that good at all. It is got long and boring in some parts
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