Learning About Themes

comparing/contrasting using stories, myths, legends, & tales

Theme = Perseverence

39 Clues book series. The rich Grandmother has died and Dan and Amy must solve a series of clues in order to inherit her fortune and a great secret. But there are also aunts, uncles, cousins, and others vying for the money. Dan and Amy show great perserverence when the clues get tricky and the danger grows. They feel they must live up to their Grandmother's memory.

Boys of Steel: the Creators of Superman. Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster and high school buddies. Jerry draws a superhero and Joe starts making up stories for him. They create a comic and try to sell it. But at first no pubishers are interested. Thank goodness they didn't give up, or the world would never have Superman!

Leepike Ridge. There is a secret in Tommy's life. His father is missing and no one will tell him why or what happened. The family is hiding an "embarassing secret" and Tommy is determined to find the truth. Over the course of many years, Tommy gathers evidence and stories until finally, in one fateful night, the truth emerges.