Act of Kindness

By Chelsey

Pay It Forward

Act of Kindness!!!

By Chelsey

I am going to tell you how I do good deeds to someone. Then you can PAY IT FORWARD to someone, tell them to pay it forward too. We should do this because I think we should have other people PAY IT FORWARD, which means that they should do an act of kindness for somebody else. Let me tell you my story about the act of kindness I have done.

My mom had her tonsils out last year, so I helped her take out the garbage for a few days, and did the dishes, and helped my dad cook for him Macey & myself. She got ice cream, pudding, smoothies, and shakes which was totally not fair to us, but she couldn’t because she had to have soft food.

When my great grandma was at Oakwood Care Center I helped her up the steps and up the curb. She really liked me doing it for her. I think she Paid It Forward to one of her friends. Then I helped her at Christmas time getting scooted up to the table. She really appreciated it. I also helped her down some steps to the living room. She likes me doing that kind of stuff with her.

The other day after church I helped my grandma wipe off her windshield. She really appreciated it very much, and I’ve helped her ever since then. She Pays It Forward to some of her friends a day and then they Pay It Forward to their friends and it keeps on going. So they know what to do when someone does a good deed for her and other people.

It would make our lives easier if we would Pay It Forward. So that is why I think we should PAY IT FORWARD. It is easier and we can be nicer to the people of the U.S.A. So PAY IT FORWARD every day of your life.
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