Hoot Hoot Herald

May 23-27, 2016


What a great Sports A Rama day! Thanks coaches for pulling that together and making the last minute changes. I heard lots of positive feedback on the use of the track. It seemed ot work really well! It's going to be a short week --we can do this!!

Staff Development May 27th:


Staff Holiday Monday - May 30th.

PDAS Summatives:

Please check the PDAS schedule sent out by Alicia for our summatives. Be prepared to talk about a celebration, a challenge, and what you want to focus on for next year (think out of the box here).

Election Day is on Tuesday, May 24. Please note that election booths and election officials will be in the front entrance of Doss from 6am to 8pm.

All Hands on Deck:
If you do not have a home room class, please help us with morning and afternoon drop up / pick up. We need all hands on deck! Thank you in advance for being out and visible, greeting students, and making sure that things are running smoothly.

Thank Yous:
If you have not signed up to make a THANK YOU for our partners in education, please do so. There are still businesses that have not been taken. All THANK YOUs are do by the last day of school.


Please look for more information coming about items that we have to inventory. We have been instructed by downtown that we have to inventory the SEL kits. Also, James will be collecting our electronic devices. James is arranging for maintance on our devices this summer so we need all of those checked in. All IPADS need to be checked in to Bonnie.

School Day for 2016-2017:

The start time for next school year will be 7:30 for the first bell and 7:45 for the tardy bell. The end time will be 2:57.

The Vote on our Back to School Staff Development:

40 people stated that they agreed with the change for the back to school staff development week. 1 said "no preference". 1 said "Maybe". And two said "No".

So, here's our back to school plan:

All school supplies will be delivered to the classrooms prior to the 15th.

Teachers will get the class list by noon on the 15th.

The 16th will be a teacher prep day.

The 17th is a professional development day on the Doss Campus.

The 18th we will have Kim Sutton and we are looking for an alternative location for this training.

The 19th is a teacher planning day and meet the teacher.

Report Cards

Posting Window closes on Wednesday, May 25.

You will get 2 sets of report cards on June 1st, one to file in their CUM folder and one to send home.

Report Cards go home the last day of school June 2


Fifith Grade:

May 25:

Teachers, please divide yourselves between the girls and boys until 10:00.

Girls – Girls’ Empowerment:

  • 9:15-10:45 - library

Boys – Power in Believing in Yourself and Team Building with Coach Mo!!

  • 9:15 – 10:00 - cafeteria

    -please pick up the boys at 10:00 and return to class until girls are finished

May 26:

Teachers, please divide yourselves between the girls and boys for entire time.

Girls – Girls’ Empowerment:

  • 9:15-10:00 - In library

Boys – Words of Wisdom and Encouragement for transition to middle school from MMS coach and students

9:15- 10:45 in the cafeteria

Talent Show Information

May 31st: Teacher Talent Show @ 1:45pm in cafeteria (everybody!)- Please note time change from 2pm.

June 1st: 5th grade talent show 8:00-9:00am in gym

June 2nd:

4th grade - 8:00-9:00

1st grade - 9:10-10:10

2nd grade - 10:20-11:20

Kindergarten- 11:25-12:10

3rd grade - 1:30-2:30

All in gym

End of Year Party Schedule

June 1st, Wednesday:

1:45 - Kinder on the blacktop

1:45 - 2nd grade in the library and the amphitheater

2:00 - 3rd grade outside near the 3rd grade portables

June 2nd, Thursday:

1:30 - 4th grade- amphitheater, and around 3rd grade portables

1:45 - 1st Grade on the black top

5th to Westover (after Graduation)

Counselor's Corner

Second Step Kit Inventory

You will receive this list of instructions and the inventory check list on Monday, 5/23.


So that everyone can begin next school year with a complete kit, the district is asking you to do the following:

  • Inventory your kit (inventory list on the back)

  • Place all items (including the posters) back in the kit in an orderly fashion. This will ensure that all teachers will begin the year with a complete kit.

  • Put a Post-It note with your name on it on the outside of the kit.

  • Return your kit and the checklist to Vickie anytime between Monday, 5/23 and Thursday, 6/2.

  • Once you receive your end of school year check list, bring it to me to sign showing your kit is complete and turned in.

Thanks for keeping up the “HEART” work!!

From the Doss Social Committee- EOY celebration!

Please join us and celebrate the end of 2015-16 school year ! Thursday, June 2, at 3:30pm at the beautiful home of Cindy Elbrecht.

There will be some yummy food and tea for you, but please BYOB.

Computer Lab News

Chinese online testing will be all day on Monday through Wednesday May 23-25.

An Imagine Learning representative will be at Doss from 1:00 to 3:00 on May 27th

to go over different reports and answer questions. We will be meeting in the computer lab.

Imagine Learning is the software our refuge kids are using to help learn the English language. All teachers are welcome to stop by the lab to learn more about this great software. We will be using Imagine Learning again in the Fall.

It is time for end of year technology inventory. My plan is to leave the projector, Elmo, and one teacher desktop in each classroom. I would like to collect all other computer devices and take them to the computer lab for the summer. Our area desktop support technician will be working over the summer to check out our computers in the lab and make any repairs. We will retire the old desktop computers and the netbooks that are not working. In August, each classroom teacher will get at least 8 new student devices (Chromebooks or Tablets) plus your old netbooks that still work. I will coordinate with each teacher on what they want to do with computers and carts for next year. Please contact me if you have any questions. -James