Principal Weekly Wrap Up

May 16, 2016

OAP Mission Statement:

To provide a collaborative learning community that prepares students for the future.

Want a summary of the smore in 2 minutes or less? Click on the youtube video below:

Principal Weekly Wrap Up | May 16, 2016

My Goals:

To have a safe place for all of us to be able to speak on tough topics and be aware of our own biases with clarity and deep compassion for students, parents, our community and each other.

To get us focused and to bring clarity to our systems by creating our "This is how we do business at Peterson handbook" by May 2016.

Campus Instructional Focus (A.K.A. POP): Our Goal

After an analysis of campus data, we found that faculty and staff need to effectively use PLCs so that students will have clarity as to what they need to know and what they must be able to do with their learning in order to achieve personal growth in all content areas.

Theory of Action:

  • Provide the foundational purpose of the why behind PLCs.

    • Teachers will use PLCs as the primary strategy for improving the instructional culture of Peterson Elementary through:

      • Looking at student and teacher work;

      • Designing quality common formative assessments (CFAs)

      • Reviewing and responding to data.

  • Guiding Questions: What does an authentic and collaborative PLC look like? How does data, student work, and student feedback validate the effectiveness of PLCs? What professional development is needed to ensure that all staff members understand what learning targets, authentic learnings tasks, and collaborative PLCs look like?

    One week at a glance: click link below (this is the word document I usually email out)

    Good evening bus riders...small victory

    My small victory this school year has been the return of a family that unenrolled their children in October due to a misunderstanding. Here's what happened, something happened on our campus which caused our partnership with a parent to be broken. I met with the family to try everything possible to rectify a misunderstanding. At the end of our meeting we shook hands and parted ways. During Kindergarten round-up 3 weeks ago, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the family that unenrolled their children, sitting on the front row during my parent presentation. At the conclusion of the presentation, the family walked over and shook my hand followed by an apology and hugs. The parent said "If I had heard that presentation last year when we attended round-up, I would have known when we spoke in October you were sincere. We apologize for not giving you and your school a chance." I hugged the family, smiled at the kids and invited the parents to volunteer next year. I learned something valuable in October which motivated my desire to promote our campus in a whole different way. Our campus for this family was their first introduction to public education. Sometimes storms in our lives turn out to be victories in the end. I am extremely excited for our campus to be given another opportunity to do what we do best for this family and many others on our campus. Are you on the bus? Rock on, Joy Tremain.

    Current status of campus transformational tasks:

    New Business:

    Certified Staff Eportfolio- I would like all certified staff members to have one for the 2016-17 school year. The digital format will be used with T-TESS to create a scrapbook. Deadline September 1, 2016. Resources are available to assist in creating a digital portfolio.

    Creating A Vision Statement- We will begin this process on May 19th

    Old Business:

    How we do business Handbook- Emailed

    Assessing our Mission Statement- We will reassess in May

    Finishing strong- an email will be sent to grade levels specific to your content/department

    Assessing of grade level/departments- Anchor charts are hanging in the PLC room (former location of Star Teachers). How are things going to move your team forward? Teams will reassess in May.

    Eportfolios- our goal is to have all students with an electronic portfolio.

    Real World example of Reviewing and Responding to Data: District Goal and Attendance

    District goal to achieve 80% or higher of students enrolled in PreAP/AP courses. Congratulations, the goal was achieved. Peterson did their part to help the district achieve the overall goal:

    Additional articles...

    Journal Writing- Week 29

    Deliberate Optimism: Can we model what we are asking of our students? Reflective thinking and capturing our thoughts on paper.

    Please join me this week in reflecting on the following question and/or task: Choosing your battles, what are you having to let go of to stay focused on what is important?

    I will share out my example in next week's smore.

    Gallery Walk: Rock Stars of Peterson (Your students are successful because of what you do)

    May 9-13, 2016
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    If you have observed someone on campus exhibiting our mission statement and would like for them to receive Rock Star status, please email me

    Final Week of Rockstar Status. The Rockstar Patrol will be around this week!

    Review Field Day Expectations This Week

    Reiterate Being Kind, Respectful and Responsible

    Encourage students to share moments of Kindness received or given

    Next Week: Field Trip Expectations

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