Jenna Kim's Science 6 Smore

This page is for sharing and the reflection of my learning.

Introduction to Science 6

Introduction to Science 6 Unit

Jenna Kim

Intro to Me

My name is Jenna, and I enjoy many things. My favorite subjects in school are reading and language arts, preferably something with writing involved. I also really like comfortable chairs, like beanbags and bungee chairs. I like a lot of fun, but not anything wild. I love amusement parks, and taking pictures. I am not one to be spunky, but I enjoy a lot of talking and conversations with my closest friends. I like braiding hair, and I love my family.

Introduction to Science 6

Introduction to Science 6

In this unit, we did many things to learn about science. We first of all compared and contrasted items, like their differences and similarities. It was called quantitative and qualitative. Then, we used a Triple Beam Balance to measure weight, specifically grams. Next, we used microscopes, looking at items closely. We did the Letter E lab, looking at a letter e under the microscope. We also looked at other things, like sand and salt. The salt looked like ice cubes! Finally, we practiced mapping. We used longitude and latitude, which we used to look at locations and find their coordinates. We completed handouts, to make sure we understood it. Finding longitude and latitude was kind of like finding coordinates on a graph in math.
My favorite activity is the microscope. I really liked the microscope because I have never used a real one before, and it was amazing to look at something way closer than the bare eye can see. My favorite lab is the sand lab. We also, in the beginning, looked at salt. The sand looked like small rocks, and the salt looked a little like ice cubes. They looked like something not what they actually were close up. The microscope looked at things so clear, we could see every detail of the item.