Nazi Hunters

The men that hunt former Nazis.

The story of the hunt for Adolf Eichmann.

This well written book by Neal Bascomb tells the story of the planning and capturing of Eichmann. The Nazi hunters pursued one goal: to bring Eichmann to Justice. Eichmann sent millions of Jews to extermination camps or worked them to death. When the Nazis were still in power he was ' following orders' made by Hitler himself to send millions of Jews to their death.

Photos of Adolf Eichmann

The Men behind Eichmann

  1. Peter Zvi Malkin,

was an Israeli secret agent, and member of the Mossad intelligence agency. Malkin was part of the team that captured Adolf Eichmann in Argentina in 1960 and brought him to Israel to stand trial.

(Mossad: is Israel's intelligence service.)

  1. Isser Harel,

    was spymaster of the intelligence and the security services of Israel and the Director of the Mossad. In his capacity as Mossad director he oversaw the capture and covert transportation to Israel, of Holocaust organizer Adolf Eichmann.

    Zvi Aharoni,

    1. was an Israeli Mossad agent instrumental in the capture of Adolf Eichmann.

      This was most of the team I could find.

This is a clip from Eichmanns trial.

Eichmann Trial for Holocaust Crimes 1961/04/13
The trial was 107 days long