Retarded Math Stuff!

This is pointless!!!

Basic operators! These are so simple if you don't get them i shall eviscerate you! :D

—+ (add), 2+2=4

—- (subtract), 2-2=0

—/ (divide), 2/2=1

—* (multiply), 2*2=4

^ (Exponents), 2^2=4

Examples... I shouldn't have to do this this is so simple...

12/3=4 Regular division is what you learned as a kid

12\8=1 Integer division takes only the whole number part of the answer

12 mod 5=2 Modular division returns the remainder as a whole number

Here are the people who brought it to you!

It's incredibly easy! Don't let the instructors frighten or confuse you. Also, all these operators are used in creating programs. I guess all those teachers are right... Math really is a part of everything.

Order of Operations. If you haven't understood them yet, you don't deserve to live



Multiplication and Division (Left to Right)

Addition and Subtraction (Left to Right)

THIS MATH IS SO EASY! My friend's main instructor can do it, so that means you can too!!!!


Whatever you do... Don't travel in time and threaten civilizations, the Doctor won't be very agreeable to that. Don't beat anyone up, Bruce Lee will give you the true meaning of a beating. And don't become a zombie, trust me you will die very quickly. (This school is not responsible for any accidents that occur... Including death)