Chris Gardner's story

What exactly is homelessness?

Homelessness is defined as the condition of people without a regular dwelling. There are several factors that can cause homelessness. Some of those factors include job loss, natural disasters, and simply being thrown out of your home by your own family. About 3.5 million people are living on the streets without a home in America alone right now. Homelessness is a serious issue that needs to be looked into more than it already is. There needs to be more organizations that help homeless people who are trying but simply can not obtain a home. Even if you do not want to join an organization like that, you should atleast take the time to make a donation to one.

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Everyday, helpless people like the lady shown above are stranded on the streets with nothing but a few personal belongings

Who is Chris Gardner?

Chris Gardner is one of the most inspirational people in the world. Chris, who at one point in his life, struggled with homlessness, is worth about 60 million dollars today. He once spent an entire night locked in a public restroom with his son, Christopher. Even though things were not looking good for Chris, he kept a positive attitude and won a postion as a paid broker over 20 other interns. His business career took off from there as he eventually went on to own an entire company. Today, Chris speaks all around the world to audiences on how to help the homeless and on how to always keep a positive attitude no matter what happens in your life.