Maid Clean

Too busy to clean? Call me!

General Cleaning Service

My name is Teresa. I have done both commercial and residential cleaning on and off for over 25yrs. I do excellent work & take pride in the cleaning I do. Excellent references provided.

General Cleaning includes:

General Cleaning is: Coming in your home & doing the basic cleaning to make your house presentable, looking & smelling clean when you come home. :)


Counter tops wipes down

Clean the microwave inside & out

Sinks cleaned

Front of fridge wiped down

Sweep & mop floor

Dust any furniture

Empty trash if full

Wipe off stove top, front & range hood

Bedrms & Livingroom:

Dust furnishings

Sweep floor

Empty trash


Clean sink

Clean tub/shower & wipe off outside

Clean mirror

Empty trash

Sweep & mop floor


*Window cleaning --inside only upstairs unless they tilt in.

*Cabinets wiped down

What I do not do:

*Wash down walls

*Shampoo carpets


*Clean ovens

* Pullout furniture

*I do not pick up

*Make beds

*Change sheets


General price:

*1st visit is $20 more, why?

Because the first cleaning is always the hardest. It takes me longer on the first visit because usually most ppl haven't had a good cleaning in a long time. I get it cleaned then it wont be as hard to clean or take me as long from then on.

It's hard to list prices without seeing the house first because I base my price on things such as the size of the house, if you want cleaning wkly or bi-wkly, if you are supplying cleaning supplies or not, pets, clutter, hard wood floors ect. Generally a 1 Bdrm, 1 Bath, kitchen, livingrm, could be $40 wkly.....$45 bi-wkly. A 4 Bdrm, 2 Bath, kitchen, livingrm could be anywhere from $65-75 wkly or $80 bi-wkly. If you're already pretty clean then it could be less.

*I charge by the JOB not the hour!

I get paid what we agreed on when I give you the bid. I believe this is nice for us all. You don't have to worry about me taking longer than you can afford and I have a set amount I know I will make regardless how long it takes me. If it takes me 2.5hrs or if it takes 5hrs I still make the same and you still pay the same. :)

*I prefer you supply cleaning supplies & anything I need such sweeper, mop ect.

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