March 21-25

Week B

School Book Fair all week

- Wednesday Muffins with Mom

-Friday Donuts with Dad

Spring Universal Screening - Email dates to LCox to put on school calendar

Calling all runners and walkers..... It is time to sign up for the Shenandoah Valley Autism 5K. The race is April 16 at EMU. We have 9 people on our team so far. Register at and sign up for an existing team- North River Elementary

Grandparents Day(s)- April 19-21- Letter will go home April 4

First and fifth on Tuesday

Kindergarten and third on Wednesday

PreK, second, and fourth on Thursday

SOL Calendar for May has been shared.

Daily 5 - Conferring Notebook Follow Through

From the Daily 5 website:

We keep three things in mind that help us stick with conferring and taking notes all year long

1) Keeping anecdotal records is part of a belief system. We believe that keeping a conferring notebook is more than just recording what we observe children doing. The pensieve is a place to capture our thoughts about next steps with children as well as keeping us on track regarding who to meet with so none of our students slip through the cracks. Recording the strengths and goals of each individual student is a way to keep us alert so our time is used wisely and efficiently.

2) Because we aren't the sole keeper of what is learned, students become partners in their learning. Students are brought into the loop after teaching and assessment takes place. Because goals are clearly defined, shared and agreed upon often, all mystery is eliminated, students buy into and take responsibility for their own achievement. This is why you will often hear us ask students, "Tell us about yourself as a reader." Or "What goal and strategy are you working on?" "What do you think you will work on next?" "Here's how I want to help you today to reach your goal of _____".

3) Keep it simple-nothing elaborate. Many times we only write down a few important words that will spark our thinking for the next time. This is one reason why we came up with a protocol for writing notes, to give us permission to keep it simple. We find it more meaningful and productive to take a few notes on lots of students rather than to take long notes on one or two.