Mr. B's Bright Lights for 9/24/18

Getting Closer to the Fun Run!

Fun Run KickOff Assembly

Our kickoff assembly for the Boosterthon FunRun will be Tuesday, Sept. 25 at 3:00 PM. Boosterthon folks will be here to give the fundraiser a terrific start and provide background info for the children. The teachers met last week with Mary Tylke of the PTO, and received their packets for the special time coming up. This is our third FunRun and it will be the best one yet!
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Our new vision and mission

This sign, designed with the personal paintings of our staff, and led by Mary Iwanski, hangs in our library classroom. It is a terrific reminder of our focus as a district and its schools.

Security for Our Children, Visitors, Staff

What this looks like for you? Our entrances have changed, particularly the main entrance. There is the new sign in desk and soon to come a background check system called Raptor that will add to the level of security for our children, staff, and visitors. At door D, near the gym, the door will be locked at 8:30 AM and reopened at the close of the school day. At dismissal, we have teachers throughout our school to ensure our children leave safely and hopefully a big smile from teachers saying "Have a great night, see you tomorrow!" Look for more details in Dr. Russ' district update.

Read All About It-EnVisions Math

enVision Math Program

It has been exciting for both teachers and students to begin our new math program (K-6). The rigor, engagement and technology components are just a few of the reason it was chosen as a quality program for our school. It is understood that it will take time to learn and adjust to the new curriculum and that there are gaps from switching curriculum. We will support students in this process here at school the best that we can. Here are a few ways you can get support at home:

Bounce Pages App (click link for more info) Need help with homework? Download this app!

Pearson Realize - your child has an online account for Pearson Realize to access videos and other information about the lessons.

Homework - if your child is struggling with homework you can use the Bounce Pages app or other online resources on Pearson Realize to assist them. If after those attempts it is still a struggle, please send it back to work on with the teacher. We understand that concepts and methods are new for students and it will take time and repetition.

Please feel free to reach out to your child's teacher or our district math coordinator, Martica Hazelwood ( with any questions you may have.

School Directories

School Directories

Merton has Two School Directories this year. There is an online School Directory in Skyward Family Access where parents/guardians need to “opt in” and select the information (student, grade, address, phone number(s), email address) that parents/guardians want displayed district wide. If you would like to add your family information, please log into your Skyward Family Access and click My Account in the top right corner. Scroll down and check which information under School Directory you would like to display. Then click Save at the top. This online directory is available now in Skyward Family Access.

The second school directory is a printed Family Directory sponsored by PTO. The Family Directory features all families in the district and includes name, address, phone number, and student(s) with their current grade level(s). Email addresses are not included. The printed Family Directory also includes helpful information such as lunch hours, homeroom lists, PTO and MAA contacts and staff contact information. All families are included unless you completed the Publicity Release Form during this year’s Online Registration and turned it into the school office. If you’d still like to “opt out” of this year’s printed Family Directory use this form. Complete the form and return it to either school office by Fri., October 5, 2018. The printed Family Directory will be available later this year.

Our makerspace begins with design in our minds

In the main entrance to our school are examples of what happens to a little squiggle of a line when a person puts their imagination to work. When you stop by, you will be amazed by the ideas that children and staff came up with. No two are the same.
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What happens in Phy Ed class to encourage good behavior?

You see above a bag of coins and then below that are the ways that children can put their energy and positive attitude to work while in the gym with Mrs. Monson and Mrs. Sieger. The class scores themselves at the close of class to see how many coins they earned based on the chart. At the close of the month, the class who had the most points earns a trophy and their name said loud and clear over the announcements.

Mike Budisch

I really like the new entrance to our Primary School. I believe in our new system of greeting families and visitors to our school. I hope you will trust in our ability to keep your children safe while they are here. We will be having a fire drill today. It is our first one and so the children may come home with that news. We have one every month.