By: Kade Rowley

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Accused of stealing from the manor. "It was madness over his mothers death that caused the boy to break into the manor house and steal his money." said towns person Matthew. He was seen in the manor taking money from john aycliffe once he realized he was found he quickly fled , He was also caught stealing wine from the chapel and being out past curfew

Asta's son is now a wolves head.

A wolves head is mark that anyone can kill him and that he is considered an animal.

If you find the boy, you will be rewarded with twenty shillings. Half a years pay. Think about how much that could help your family. If you find the boy, you will still be rewarded if he is dead or alive. We prefer alive, but dead will work. The boy is skinny, not tall but about average, and he has curly black hair. last seen by the mill at the manor. If you don't find him within a year and a day than he is a free man. If you want the shillings find him quick!