Vet Technician

What it's like and how to become one

What is a vet tech

What vet techs do depends on what facility you are working in but they always assist vets in caring for animal patients but will always have a wide array of task to do like keeping medical records and administering shots and medication. Some other general tasks could include observing animal patients for change in behavior and getting them ready for surgery or exams, also giving animals nursing and first aid care and collecting test lab samples,taking and developing X-Rays

What level of school is required and the salary

  1. A typical degree program completed by a veterinary technician lasts for two years and is accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association. Licensing, certification and registration requirements for vet technicians vary by state.And typical salary a vet tech makes can vary from $30,500 but the highest you can make is $44,490 and the lowest being $21,270 so this is more of an entry level job or career to become a vet or something else in the medical industry.Vet techs can availible world wide in any country,And some states require a professional development for this career.