World War II

Madelynn Hutchison

Dr. Suess' Impact on WWII

Dr. Seuss, during WWII, wrote a newspaper that the issues of the war. He also made movies. Plus he made an animated film series, which featured a character from "Private Snafu." After a while he helped create an academy award winning documentary " Design for Death." The newspaper contributed to the progressive newspaper known as, PM. he told about isolationism through cartoons that focused on the political side.

Franklin D. Roosevelt: President

The Great Depression urged Roosevelt to run for president. He took the office in 1933, and he started picking America back up. Franklin's third term WWII started. He developed strategies for defeating Germany. Even after finding out he had atherosclerosis he didn't quit. He even ran for a fourth term, and helped fight the war with his good ideas and smart actions.

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