Surviving East Middle School

The Thing You Need

Here is a list of things you will need is a binder to hold all your stuff in, lots of paper, plenty of pencils, a few notebooks, a binder for one of your classes, and make sure always to bring a book to class!!!

Things You Need To Know

The first thing you need to know when you come to East Middle school is the locks on the lockers first thing is you go to the right for your first number then you go the to left to the same number then go to to the right to the second number then go to the left to go to the third number and you done! The second thing is there are houses each grade level has them the 6th grade house color is orange, the 7th grade house color is teal, And last but not least the 8th grade house color is lime green. The house is where all your subjects will be in a house but some classrooms like the electives classrooms will be on the first floor in a hallway. The third thing you need to know is the schedule there are A days and B days there are different days the A days are on Mondays Wednesdays The B days are on Tuesday And Thursdays and on Fridays you go to all subjects A and B days so then you go to 1A then you go to 1B, 2A, 2B and then is a pattern you just go to A then B.

Pictures Of East Middle School

What Kind Of Clubs And Sports Does East Middle School Have?

There are a few clubs that you could be interested in like: Quiz Bowl, Art Club, Bum Crew, Guitar Club, and Eagles For Christ. Also there is a few sports that you could be interested in is: Football, Volleyball, Soccer, and Wrestling.