No Teacher Left Behind!

Changing the Tapestry of America-One Teacher at a Time!

Consistent Learning Standards for Teachers, Teaching Standards and NETS-T Standards.

Teachers must be reflective about their professional practices, willing to keep what is effective and add new practices that have a proven track record. According to The Association of Teacher Educators, teachers must consider and embrace nine standards:

1. Model teaching that is reflective and meets the needs of a diverse student


2. Understand the culture of the community and students they teach.

3. Share their best practices so that other teachers may can adopt those practices

that work well.

4. Actively participate in professional development.

5. Participate in professional communities that reflect on teacher education programs

and offer suggestions based on their experiences and best practices.

6. Collaborate with other teachers and share and consider best practices of other


7. Must insist on high quality, rigorous education for all students, in all communities.

8. Insist and actively participate in quality teacher education programs.

9. Embrace a vision and foster in other teachers, to consider effective use of

technology and other best practices to ensure a profession that reflect quality

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