Rep. Matt Rinaldi

By: Taj Darkazalli & Alexia Garvin


Rinaldi in the House District of 115 was elected into the Texas House of Representatives in 2014 to represent the north Dallas county. He graduated from James Madison University in Harrison burg, Virginia, where he graduated cum laude with a B.B.A. in Economics. He aldo attended Boston University School of Law, where he earned his Juris Doctor, cum laude. As of today he is a commercial litigation attorney and a strong advocate of tort reform in the legal community. He also serves on the board of directors of a publicly-traded real estate investment trust in the hotel and hospitality industry.

District demographic info

  • 44,419 students in Coppell ISD
  • 66.3% of the population in this district is between the ages of 18-64
  • 23.3% of the district attained a college education
    • 24.6% earned college education comparing to the state

Agency of education

The mission of the Texas Education Agency (TEA) is to provide leadership, guidance, and resources to help schools meet the educational needs of all students and prepare them for success in the global economy.

Jobs and prefession's of the agency

  • Accountant

  • Administrative Assistant

  • Program Specialist IV

in the above article they state how the following 15 school have a less then 50 percent passing rate on the STAR and TAKS test. Many of these school have been told it is mandatory for there to be improvement in the success rate.
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