By, Parker Lau



In India they eat somthing called roti (bread) and Lentils (beans and peas). Desserts are called Kheer in India. Milk is a favrote in India.


The population of India is 1,220,800,360. India has 1/3rd the space of the United States. There is tons of dust because of all the people with the little space.


Gangles river is an inportant landmark in India . Gangles plane is also an inportant landmark.

Life as a Kid

Children who are poor in India work mostly at farms. Kids love the movie theaters in India, its a good place to hang out with friends.


Animals in India are tigers lions and othe jungle animals. The best knon reptile in India is a cobra and the pekok is the best known bird

Intesting Facts

In 2500 B.C. Indus vally civilation and extended thire world and called that India.