Make Life Easy | Quality Home Services at your door step is a home services company providing plumbing, electrical, home cleaning, laundry, beauty & fitness services to households in India. We offer a fast, reliable and economical way to order all your home services with just a click. All our service providers are certified by experts and their backgrounds checked to ensure they do not have a criminal history.

Genieji provides a seamless platform to solve all your home needs. We are committed to relieve the end user from the uncertainty of finding their way through a dis-organized market and the inconvenience caused due to wastage of time and money while hiring local servicemen. We currently operate from Delhi & Pune with plans to add more services and expand into more cities in the coming time.

Services offered by Genieji are:

More than 120 everyday & specialized services in Pune & Delhi Pune with plans to add more services and expand into more cities in the coming time.


Event Planner: Cause some moments need perfection.

Photographer: Freeze the right moment for eternity.

Bridal Makeup: Live your Princess fantasy for real.

Choreographer: Raise the heat, tap some feet.

Caterers: Best times happen around good food.

Decorators: Add extravaganza to the normal.


Electrician: Make your home shockproof.

Plumber: No more leaking taps.

Carpenter: Add extravaganza to the normal.

Cleaning: For the spotless home.

Painter: Because homes too need some more styling.


Fitness trainer: Your best investment is in yourself.

Zumba Sessions: Shake some waist and loose weight.

Yoga teachers: Put a brake to the fast-tracked life.

Dietician/Nutritionist: Healthy living starts within.

Home Tutor: For that little nudge every student needs.


Legal Services: So that success is achieved within the judiciary.

Real estate solutions: Find the right place at the right price.

Corporate Gifts: Forging new partnerships, one gift at a time.

Govt. Related Services: Registrations. Licenses. Approvals. Just name it.

How to book a Genieji service provider:

1. Download the Genieji app or book online using

2. Book using Facebook. Drop us a message in our official FBpage

3. Book using phone. Call 088885 00058

4. Schedule it when you want it to be done
5. GenieJi will match your request to the right service provider
6. Background checked, skilled service professional will fulfill your request at the specified date & time.

"Want to forget your tensions and tedious chores and experience the joy of living, Download the Genie Ji app and feel the magic."