Space Travel And Safety

by Kwabena Appiah period 1

The universe is big, but we have to be safe when exploring space.

The space age began in 1957 when Soviet Union launched the world's first ever satellite. This is when the space race between America and the Soviet Union begins. My driving question is how can I create a presentation that will make astronauts more aware about space travel safety. I chose this topic because I am interested space and space science. I hope my viewers would be too!


There are many dangers when it comes to space travel. Because there is no oxygen in space, there is a lot of radiation in space. Some of that radiation is harmful to the human body. another is the debris left in space. Space shuttles must be careful when flying through space or else the debris might hit them and damage the shuttle. Lifting off into space then returning back took a lot of work and energy. It was also very risky.
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Here are some precautions space companies and organizations are starting to take: since people are trying to lower the risks of fatalities in space, organizations like NASA are sending more unmanned space shuttles to do the dangerous work. NASA is also trying to make a safer and better space shuttle. Another precaution is that astronauts are now checking their suits to see if there are any errors to fix.


NASA has launched 132 manned shuttle missions in the 30 years of the space program. The agency has lost 2 of them-Challenger and Columbia. The loss of Columbia was very devastating. When returning back earth, the shuttle mysteriously broke apart killing all seven crew members. Challenger was also one of these accidents. On lift off, the shuttle was still in earth's atmosphere as it disintegrated and broke apart because of a hot air leaking out of the ship, and all seven astronauts on board died.

Facts and Conclusion

During the time of NASA till now, 3% of their astronauts have died during the space race.

NASA has launched 132 space shuttles during the 30 years of the space program and has lost two of them-Challenger and Columbia. "We choose to go to the moon"- John F. Kennedy, former president of the USA. Those were the words that inspired America to go to the moon. There were a lot of risks and hardships, but NASA has never stopped to this day. I really liked working on this topic, and I hoped you liked reading it. Check out the video below!

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