St Columba's mission and values

Tia Maher, Bianca Spierings and Bianca Mancini


The mission at St Columbas is to spread the love of learning, deepen our knowledge in faith and commit ourselves to justice. St Columbas is working to create strong, independent and faithful women who will concur the world and transform the church.


St Columba's values learning, faith, justice, community and hope. At St Columba's these values are shown in everything they do. They show learning through the constant learning of new things as it is a school and a place of learning. They show faith through taking part in the church community. They show justice by raising awareness about injust places and things. They have a community of their own and in that community they welcome people and families to celebrate events and create new friendships. They show hope through their positive attitude to God and their hope in God.