Autumn Ford

My Amazing Big Sister

My "Loving" Big Sister

Who is Autumn Ford? Well, I guess we can say she's my older sister. The only problem with that is that sometimes she wishes that she wasn't my big sister. She wants to be an only child and when we are left in a room alone she kind of tries to, well, kill me. But I know that she can be a nice and loving big sister when she wants to be.

Her Looks

Autumn is an okay looking person. No haha I'm just kidding. She is georgeos! All of the other ninth graders look like monkeys compared to her. She is the most beautiful person ever with her hazel eyes and her tiny nose. But her redish-brownish hair is probably the best part.

Now This Is An Addiction!

Autumn has an addiction, TO HER PHONE. She spends so much time on it that she barely has room for anything else. The only solution to this problem is when her phone dies. Then she has to do something else while she waits for it to charge. But all she does then is eat and watch t.v. It's a miracle she's not fat!

Autumn And I

My sister and I are very different people. For example, she's a vegetarian and I'm not. Or like how she never puts her phone down while I'm probably off somewhere dropping mine in the toilet. Another way that we're different is how we look. When we were little, people thought that we were twins. But now, some people don't even think that we're sisters. We are alike in some ways, but there are very few examples for that topic.