Im the Epidemioloist!

Is there anothe r name for this illness?

Yes it is also called distichiasis syndrome acording to:

What are the symptoms? How do they effect the victom?

· Swelling of part or all of your arm or leg, including fingers or toes

· A feeling of heaviness or tightness

· Restricted range of motion

· Aching or discomfort

· Recurring infections

· Hardening and thickening of the skin (fibrosis) : It makes it uncomfortable to do anything extremely active.

What other organs/organ systems does this disease affect?

None, it only affects parts or the body such as the chest, abdomen, genitals, head and neck, face, back and more according to :

What problems are assocaited with this disease? Is it physicaly limmiting? Is it life threatening?

Body limb swelling(of lower limb in particular),discomfort and aching, heavy limbs and slowness, back and joint pain, it effects the victims life. from:

Is the disease fatal?

Is there a treatment? Is there a cure?