A Long Way Gone

By: Austin Sides

Ishmael Beah

Ishmael is starting to show that he can survive on his own especially when he gets attack by the wild boar. Ishmael is also starting to show that he can withstand pain very well for instance when he had to walk in the Sand in one hundred degree heat and then keep walking after his skin broke open

historical conection

  • Ishmael is in the start of a war that central Africa is still in right now

  • Ishmael and his friends also show the path of destruction from the rebels that is some places is still there today

Vocabulary 1

Veranda: a roofed platform along the outside of a house, level with ground floor

Vocabulary 2

Crapes/crepes :hard-wearing wrinkled rubber, used especially for the soles of shoes.


there are multiple setting in the paragraphs 5-8 but the main setting is the forest


Self vs. nature when Ishmael gets lost in the forest the forest keeps Challenging him for instance the wild boar, no soap, and no medicine

Self vs. Society there is a rumor about Ishmael and his friends that they are rebels and everyone that they meet try to attack them