our mission is to get safe products in everyone's hands

Come out and meet Beautycounter

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Jackie Nisa's Beautycounter Launch

Tuesday, June 30th at 7PM

5447 SE Reef Way

Stuart FL

Please RSVP by Friday, June 26th

I have decided to join Beautycounter and be a part of their mission! Please join me as I share safe, high performing skin care, makeup and other products to you all; my family and friends.

Beautycounter is out of San Monica, CA. It was started in 2013 and is on fire with many celebrities currently using these products. We are backed by JCrew and other blogs such as Gwyneth Paltrow's blog, "Goop". Currently to date, Beautycounter has 7500 consultants who have joined their movement to get safe products in the hands of everyone. Our products provide an effective daily routine that soothes and hydrates the skin with natural antioxidants to fend off environmental stressors. We also use many mixed fruit acid complex and spilanthes acmelia flower extracts that diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while our vitamin C firms the skin elasticity and the boerhavia diffusa root extract works to brighten the overall skin.

We do NOT use over 1500 ingredients that are known to cause cancer, disrupt hormones function, damage the endurance and nervous system, or cause neurotoxicity...just to name a few.

Please stop by to browse at your convenience and learn more about Beautycounter while having a glass of wine with me and our local girlfriends.

Introducing Beautycounter

Some few of my favorites.....

Looking forward to meeting you having you to my home xo

jackie Nisa

Consultant at Beautycocunter