Ms. Hymas' 4th Grade Class

What to Expect for the Week of 11/2/15-11/6/15

Halloween Family Events

10/30/15 $5 PER PERSON GS Fest (Geyer Springs First Baptist Church 12400 Interstate 30 Little Rock, AR 72210)

10/30/15 FREE Balloon Glow and Mac-O-Lanterns (MacArthur Park 503 East Ninth St. Little Rock, AR 72202)

10/31/15 FREE Southwest Little Rock Farmers' Market (7601 Baseline Rd. Little Rock, AR 72209)

10/31/15 FREE Little Rock Farmers' Market (Ottenheimer Hall 500 President Clinton Ave. Little Rock, AR 72201)

Assignments to Come!


Math- Column Addition

Language Arts- Bull Dog Puppy: Fact vs. Opinion

Social Studies- NO HOMEWORK

Science- Prediction of how rain is formed


Math- Column Addition

Language Arts- Powhatan Indians: Fact vs. Opinion

Social Studies- "Number the Stars" Research of time era of when this book is taken place (where is it taken place at, what is going on, why is it happening, and any other helpful information)

Science- Illustrate the Rain Cycle


Math- Addition Word Problems

Language Arts- Sea Cow or Mermaid?- Comprehension Questions

Social Studies- "Number the Stars" Chapter 1 was read in class and discussed! What did you learn? Predict what is to come!

Science- What did you learn about how the rain cycle works? Write down 2 facts!


Math- Addition Word Problem Assessment tomorrow (11/6/15)... REVIEW YOUR HOMEWORK

Language Arts- NO HOMEWORK

Social Studies- "Number the Stars" Chapter 2 was read in class and discussed! Research 3 facts about Denmark and write them down, be prepared to discuss tomorrow in class!




This Week's Spot Light!

In Need Of...

If You Are Willing:

We are starting to run low on some materials. The next time you are at the store and you think about it, we need some College Ruled Lined paper, pencils, Germ-X, tissues, and Post-Its. Also, with how much that is going on in the classroom, I am asking if there is any parents that would love to come and help out during my prep period (10:15-10:45). This would help out with filling papers, organizing the classroom, and so on! I would greatly appreciate all of the help I can get! Refer to the bottom of this page to see my contact information and use my email to let me know your availability. Thank you so much!

Ms. Hymas' 4th Graders!!

I am so proud of each student! Everyone showed hard work and dedication with everything that they have done. Thank you for your support that you showed to your child at home, it is so evident that it is helping them out a lot!