Dominican Republic

by Macee Valtr and Kayla Rasmussen

Facts about The Dominacan Rebuplic

Capital - Santo Domingo

Population - 10,349,741

Currency - Pesos -1USD-44.79 Pesos

President - Danill Sanchez

Government - Democratic Republic

Cultural Activities

Dominicans appreciate their free time and really know how to party! Everyone can be seen at carnivals throughout the country or at their own distinctive parties. Entertainment can come in many different ways. Most visitors spend their time exploring the exotic outdoors and nature of the island. The unique culture and a strong source of pride come from music and dancing. It is very colorful and diverse.

Tourist Attractions

Cathedral Primada de America -

By being one of the oldest cathedrals in the western hemisphere, the Cathedral Primada de America should be a stop on a vacation to the Dominican Republic. Located in Santo Domingo , it would be a close sight to see for tourists.

Fortaleza Ozama-

The oldest colonial military edifice in the new world. With ample historical value and also located in the capital city, Santo Domingo, Fortaleza Ozama is a great place to see.

Playa Sosua-

The main beach in the Dominican republic and many souvenir vendors and restaurants line the stretch of sand. In Sosua, it is a perfect warm vacation feel.


With the varying influences in its past, the Dominican Republic's food is very unique with rich and flavorful combinations of Spanish, Taino, and African dishes.

La Bandera is considered the national dish. It consitists of rice, red beans, meat, and salad. it also sharws the colors of the countrys flag.

The Flag

The Dominican Republic flag has a great significance to the country. The blue in the top left and bottom right corners represent liberty. The red in the top right and the bottom left corners indicates the blood of heroes. The white cross in the middle stands for salvation. The shield in the center shows the god plays a big role in the counties existence and plays a big role in citizens lives.


The Dominican Republic has a unique landscape with four different mountain ranges, beaches on the coast line, and lowlands in the southeast. The highest mountain range is the Cordillera Central. The dry southeast part of the island has very little plant growth and is almost the opposite of the wet tropical region on the western part of the country.