Golden Gate Leprechaun Trap

Kaylee Donner

Since Leprechauns like green and gold I would use these colors to make my trap.

How it works

1st-Leprechaun pulls the gold down from the rope.

2nd-The rope pulls the door shut, which has super glue on it.

3rd-The Leprechaun is trapped in the room with the gold and Lucky Charms.

4th-Then the Leprechaun can eat the Lucky Charms while he waits to be released.


My Golden Gate Leprechaun trap is made in a small room with a door. You need a pot of gold, a rope, a pulley, super glue, and a rainbow. The table with Lucky Charms is optional. In order for my trap to work the Leprechaun first needs to pull the pot of gold down from the rope, which then, with the help of the rope, pulls the door shut. The door can't be opened again because there would be super glue on the outer edge of it. The pulley is the simple machine I chose to use for my Leprechaun trap. Using a pulley helps two things to work at the same time or if one thing moves it causes the other to move with it. The pulley helps my trap work so that when the pot of gold moves so does the door, which then causes the Leprechaun to be trapped in the room.