Mrs. Kondikoff's Friday Focus

Lopatcong Elementary School

Friday, May 6, 2016

Staff Appreciation Week

This week was Staff Appreciation Week! I don't always get to say it, but thank you for all you do! This has been a crazy year of constant schedule changes, changing roles, and working through the budget challenges! Through it all, you have all stayed positive and focused on the students! Thank you for all the things you do each and every day to help our students and make our school great!

Thank you to the PTA and LEA for all the treats and goodies this week!

Here are the raffle winners from this week:

Dunkin Donut Gift Card-Amy Martin

Dunkin Donut Gift Card-Alexis Andransky

Noelle's Parking Spot (Week of 5/9)-Cassie Rudd

Noelle's Parking Spot (Week of 5/16)-Lynette Stone

Noelle's Parking Spot (Week of 5/23)-Angela Schappert

Noelle's Parking Spot (Week of 5/30)-Allison Pogirnicki

Wawa Gift Card-Noreen Stansberry

Wawa Gift Card-Terri Nicinski

Extra Prep Coverage-Rosemary Azzalina

Extra Prep Coverage-Heather Burke

Extra Prep Coverage-Lauren Umholtz

Recess Coverage (or 30 minutes-by Lisa Zittis)-Ginny Remetta

Recess Coverage (or 30 minutes-by Lisa Zittis)-Krista Wayne

Starbucks Gift Card-Ann Bertsch

Starbucks Gift Card-Melissa Yeisley

Please see Ginny to claim your prize or arrange the additional prep time and coverage.

Schedule Change-May 9, 10, & 11

On May 9, 10, and 11, Lynn Cushing and Nicole Schuitema will be needed for PARCC testing at the middle school in the morning. On these days Art and Spanish class will be in the afternoon at the following times.

1:00-1:20 Fourth Grade

1:20-1:40 Third Grade (A Wayne Art on Day 3; N Stansberry Art on Day 4)

1:40-2:00 Second Grade (A Wayne Spanish on Day 3)

2:00-2:30 First Grade (N Stansberry Spanish on Day 4)

Thank you for accommodating on these days.

Beach Day/Ice Cream Party

Staff and students may wear school-appropriate beach clothes to school. You may wear jeans if it goes with your beach attire. There will be a beach themed dance party at 10:00am and 2:00pm.

Special thanks to Rene Boylan for getting ice cream and spoons donated from Shop Rite of Greenwich Township for an ice cream party at the end of the day! AM Preschool and Kindergarten classes, please see Ginny when you are ready for your ice cream treat and she will get them for you. All other classes, ice cream will be handed between 12:50pm and 1:00pm. You may eat your ice cream inside or outside from 1:00pm-1:15pm.

Personal Days

For all personal day requests, please remember to e-mail me when you submit for a personal day on the district form so that I know to approve/not approve it in a timely fashion. Also, please remember that according to contract, you must request your personal day at least 5 days in advance of the day you are requesting it, except in the case of an emergency. If the day you are requesting is an emergency or immediately before or after a weekend, holiday, or vacation you must provide a reason for taking such leave.

Emergency Sick Days

If you are calling out sick due to an emergency after 6:30am, please make a phone call directly to Deb Winters, in addition to filling out the form.

Art Show

Special thanks to Nicole Schuitema for a great job on her first art show! Thanks to all the staff and students who came out to see the art work. Thanks to the LEA for the delicious ice cream sundaes! It was a great evening!

Amazing Pedometer Race

Special thanks to Mrs. Steele for getting us moving and getting our pedometers rolling on Friday afternoon. Thank you all for participating and making this happen for our students, despite the rain!

Writing In Bathrooms

If a child in your class reports writing on the walls in the bathroom, please provide specifics as to what it says and exactly where it is located. We have had several reports of writing and the custodians and I check and can't see it or find it.

Upcoming Events

5/10 BOE Meeting @ 7:00pm-MS

5/11 Kindergarten/Preschool Field Trip to Barnyard Days

5/11 School Nurse's Day

5/13 PBS Celebration-Beach Day with Ice Cream Party


5/18 Staff Meeting @ 2:45pm

5/25 First Grade Field Trip to Turtleback Zoo

5/25 NJ ASK-Fourth Grade Science

5/26 Third Grade Field Trip to Quiet Valley

5/26 Memorial Day Program

5/27 & 5/30 NO SCHOOL

5/31 Fourth Grade Trip to the Canal Museum

6/1 Kindergarten Concert @ 6:30pm-ES Gym

6/1 Grand Falloons Assembly K-4 @ 9:30am

6/3 Middle School Band to play for Fourth Grade @ 1:30pm-ES APR

6/7 BOE Meeting @ 7:00pm-MS

6/9 Fourth Grade Picnic 9:00am-11:30am

6/10 Field Day

6/13 Field Day Raindate

6/13 Report Cards Due at 3:00pm