Computer Hardware

A Guide To Peices Of a Computer

The Mother Board

The Mother Board is the backbone of a Computer,its job is to link all the parts of the computer ex.cpu,memory and drives.


their are cetain types of drives a computer thier is a hard drive wich arranges your memory into different folders, say if a item begins with "A" the hard drive would put it in the "A" folder.

Then there is a optical drive wich reads the binery codes in disc by using a laser to decect the bumps on a disc.

the last drive is the solid state drive wich works sort like the hard drive but it is the item which the memory is being stored in. As long as it has enough memory the laptop or computer will work fast and keep every thing loading and changing.


A monitor is the device which gains electrical charges and sends them to the screen, in the screen their are pixels wich are small pockets of water which chnges coler when chaged with electizity.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

A cpu is the part of computer which decodes program makes the display and tells the computer what to do (basicly the brains of the computer.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

A RAM is the peice of the computer which follows the CPU's commands and arranges the memory into the drive, it stores it in memory cells aranged like a grid, it uses binary to place chucks of memory in each cell

Read-Only Memory (ROM)

A ROM is a unchangeable peice of memory which can be viewed but never able to change or update it is very hard to be able to change a ROM , movie companies use roms on thier discs or film because it means that people that try to copy then sell that infomation wont be able to

Inputs and Outputs

inputs are pieces of the computer which sends info infomation in to the computer ,outputs are peices of the computer which sends infomation outwards

Touch screens

Touch screens are basicly monitors wich are full of censors wich responds when you touch them sending surges down the computer to tell where you touched and then the cursor will move and click that position but only if you tap it if you hold and move it will highlight whatever you drag it over