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The Flubaroo Add-On with Google Forms

Updates to the Flubaroo Add-On

With the end of the semester fast approaching and end of term assessments creeping up, time is definitely of the essence! However, if you use the Flubaroo Add-on for Google Sheets, much time will be saved. This was described in last week's Ed Tech Tips, but since then, there have been a few updates that have come down the educational technology pipeline that make this add-on even better!

What is it?

Flubaroo is an automatic grading add-on that partners with Google Forms. Once you've created your quiz in Forms, you then take it as a student would to create a row for an answer key in Google Sheets. Then, once all of your students have taken the quiz, run the Flubaroo extension and select your "row" to use as the answer key. With just a few mouse clicks, all of the responses are graded!

Before the update...

Once all the responses were in and graded, you were then presented with a massive spreadsheet of all of the students who had taken the quiz in Forms. This was nice for the teacher grading purposes, as it was an easy guide to transfer into Infinite Campus. But, left little room for students to know what their score was. This is where these new additions to the add-on have really made a difference!

Sharing Grades with Students

One of the new additions to Flubaroo is the ability to Share Grades. Once a test or quiz has been graded, under the Flubaroo drop down in Google Sheets, there's now an option to Share an individual score. This is capable of sending an e-mail and/or sharing a Google Doc to the student's GMail account and/or Google Drive. The report consists of their answers, the answer key (if you select that option) and their overall score.

Print Grades

Another awesome option is the addition of the "Print Grades" option. Similar to the sharing and e-mailing of scores to students, this will let you print a hard copy grade report to distribute to all of your students. The report will include their grade, their answers, and again, the answer key if you desire. There will also be a page break in between students, so if you have 25 students in your class, there will be 25 sheets of paper to be distributed. This is a great benefit if you're reviewing for that end of semester exam!

Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

You can now mark questions as Extra Credit in your Flubaroo grading system! This is done in the advanced features window prior to grading the assignment. Once you've selected the "row" for your answer key and clicked on to the next screen, there is now a checkbox next to each question that allows you to mark whether an answer is extra credit or not. Additionally, you can assign a point total to this question, just as you do for all other graded questions, making the grading process even smoother!

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