Happy New Years!

The start of new resolutions & continuing old ones!

We wish you an amazing 2016 from our family to yours!

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Going Non Toxic!

Now is the time we start or continue resolutions for ourselves personally and professionally. Not only did I make a resolution last year for detoxifying myself and family of all the toxins found in our home and personal care products, but I made it a mission to share the message of how to do it. I plan to continue this mission.

This past year has been such an eye opener for me and has made my Ava Anderson business soar!! One year ago I decided to join Ava Anderson and help change chemical policy. In just a year I have had 2 promotions and on track to get a 3rd this month! I have 3 amazing partners on my team helping to spread the non toxic message! Will you be the 4th?

Watch the video below!
Ava Anderson Non Toxic Company Video

Lindsay Neathawk

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