Lipstick & Briefcases

A LipstickCEO Event

There's no business like a woman's business...

We're innovative, resilient and not easily broken. This is why with proper sharpening and support businesses owned by women can THRIVE! Lipstick and Briefcases is a networking experience that invites the sassy woman entrepreneur, solopreneur, business owner, independent worker--whichever term you prefer--to an atmosphere of intentional networking,strategic partnerships and an exchange of ideas for business development & growth; and in true LipstickCEO fashion we keep it vibrant, energetic and empowering on "purpose".

If you're a woman with a business, come!

If you're a woman who works independently, come!

If you're a woman who ASPIRES to start a business, come!

I think just about covers it...come women, come!!

Aloft Hotel

Friday, April 11th, 6:30-9pm

200 N Monroe St

Tallahassee, FL

**This is a Happy Hour networking affair**

Come prepared to build your network, enhance your business saavy, and if you please, enjoy your favorite cocktail or light appetizer as you mingle with like minds.

(cocktail and appetizer prices vary; menus will be made available)

Let's do this!

Part I--Mix, Mingle & mayhem

Part II--sister Circle & mastermind session

Part III--Biz card exchange & business sister establishment

I am Yashika Cherry and I approve this message

Hello all!

I created LipstickCEO to empower women to take their places and live life on top like a boss! This means Firing all obstacles, conditions and limited circumstances that hinder their God ordained fulfillment. Every area of our lives from health and fitness, business and career, aspirations, family and personal goals are intended to manifest in a supreme way. My goal is to promote women from merely surviving and into fully thriving in their supremacy. Visit, take the pledge and join my community for great girl chats, tips and loads of empowerment to help you along your journey to the top!

Professional Bio

Yashika Cherry is a passionate Lifestyle Promotion Specialist who, through a history of hardship and trial, has discovered the tools and mastered the mindset one needs to reposition and advance their life from even the most stagnant place. This framework has become what she calls the "Wholistic breakthrough psychology" and serves as the foundation of her movement to help women tap into their own internal forces to enhance the quality of their lives in every area.

Pulling from an array of gifts Yashika is a writer, motivational speaker, life coach, fitness trainer & consultant, performing artist, creative visionary and entrepreneur--a true renaissance woman. These gifts share a common apparent domain which has aided in Yashika's stamp as "The Empress of Empowerment". Her goal is to motivate and inspire women beyond their walls. One conversation with her unveils her passion to see women attain fulfillment, especially those in underprivileged circumstances.

She is the founder of Beyond Publishing, an inspirational book publishing company and the creator & CEO of LipstickCEO, a lifestyle brand that empowers women to live life on top, above any area of their lives less than great. she stays true to her call to impart, ignite and uplift women beyond their strongholds and transition them from surviving and into fully thriving in life.

Whether indulging in one of her written pieces, experiences one of her motivational speeches or partnering with her to master true wellness, women who have connected with Yashika have felt an air of acceptance, understanding, respectability and motivation. These attributes along with her magnetic energy make her a dynamic force when dealing with breakthrough issues such as self discovery and awareness, fear, awakening dormant gifts and abilities, fulfilling aspirations, personal development, mental toughness, repositioning, fitness and wellness, creative enhancement and various aspects of entrepreneurship.