panther paw

Norfolk Jr High

by Trevor

My favorite app

My favorite app is Free Flow. Free Flow can be very challenging to some people.This game is a mind worker in many ways. This game is also a stress reliever for some people. I know that some people don't like when they pass the whole game and then they can't go any more.

Exactly what do you do in the game? 8/10

Feature story

in this paragraph I will tell u about call of duty

Call of duty is based off actual war but in different time periods and places. People say its to realistic but in my option its not as horrifying and bloody as some games.If i could change one thing it would be the set up of the gun.

Year round school


U would have more homework

U would have more time to work on grads

Not have to work on rembering old education

More education


No free time

More teachers

More homework

have to work on grades

Not as long as summer

I'm against year-round school because we wouldn't have big summers. This would also mean I would have to miss the county fair. If we did have year-round school I would have to quit sports so I could help my dad with the farming & escavating he does for people. That would also mean I would have to deal with students that bother me sometimes!

10/10 good job

My goal

My goal is to do my best in all my classes with this new device

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